Fashion: Fabrics and chic accessories

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Great accessories for your current fashion, you do not always buy in expensive boutiques. If you have a sewing machine, then you can make the most beautiful accessories. Go to the store and buy some fabric, a few zippers and maybe some buttons before you go to work.

What you need

The accessories that you will sew with a sewing machine like, you sure as well that you want to keep yourself and do not give the girlfriend for her birthday. First you should consider what you need in regards to your new accessories, and accordingly to buy everything. However, you should always:

  • Slightly Denim
  • Yarn
  • Pearls
  • Zippers
  • Buttons
  • Shopping /because you can always use that, for a variety of fashionable things/

The great scarves you can wear to different clothes. Of plain fabric, one colour, sew a scarf with fringes and beads, you can wrap around your neck in different ways. Therefore, you always have new opportunities to complement your clothing, no matter whether you want to be dressed sporty or elegant.You should sew belt itself and should not always think of leather.

From denim jeans to sew belt, to use fringe, studs or buttons. To an elegant dress, you sew a belt that carries no other woman, for example, with beads and fringes.West always go, no matter whether it comes to sporty or elegant form. Warm not only because they are simply the ultimate accessory. You buy the right fabric, suitable for jeans or pants Marlene, and embroider vest with yarn in different colours or sew buttons and beads on it.A fishing net to bind around your waist or wear it around your neck.

In various fashion shops, you get such networks. Sew on buttons or beads, very nice; however, the network interacts with seashells and small pieces of wood.

Fashion Jewelry- What should be the ring?

Of course, each individual meaning to fashion jewelry comes when you learn a little more about its history, how and why it is worn.Just on this or that part of the body, since when, and with what tradition.With the historical and cultural knowledge of the jewelry, then this can also be worn specifically.

Engagement and wedding rings

The most familiar form of expression of affiliation between two people is the engagement or wedding ring.The engagement ring is worn by its tradition up to the wedding ring finger of the left hand.As a conclusion of the wedding ceremony is the exchange of the two rings, which new wedding rings, regardless of the engagement ring to be, but also the already given away for engagement rings that are worn from now on the ring finger of the right hand.In addition, friendship rings are frequently worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

Fashion Tips for Men: Have you got a hat?

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Panama Hats

Summer is coming and hats are on the rise.

The hat-paradox

It is back in fashion season – but unfortunately for the wrong target group. What I mean by that, although is not nice, but unfortunately true. Hut always carries only one who cares little else to an acceptable outfit. Therefore, you can get the most of summer hats just to watch men who combine their headgear favourite T-shirts, worn jeans or even the dreaded zip-off pants. Completing the look all too often with dirty sneakers or even trekking sandals.

Summer hat

Which fatal misunderstanding exists here, it is obvious. The summer hat, often with woven sea grass, is interpreted as pure leisure hat and and it is applied only combined with what many men wear just in their spare time.
Wearing summer hat to suit

Therefore, you can also wear a suit with no problems a summer hat – it seems successfully. It often would look for light summer suit of linen fresco or a medium-sized, and in this case, an elegant panama is much better than a pair of sunglasses. The hat can be seen as a sun protection factor of up to 40 head and neck because it effectively protects you from sunburn. For me personally, the top-hat season does not start from mid-May. The hat season is rather all year.

Fashion men shoes

Camel shoes – The new active collection is online

The Camel Shoes active Collection for men inspired by South Asian Seefahrertum match the vintage style of the rest of the collection.

The explorer theme corresponding to dominate the maritime colours. Camel shoes are natural colour from white to beige to dark blue and grey. In combination with the light and bright soles creates a relaxed, natural summer style. By using leathers from suede or brush over the new Camel shoes, get a softer look.
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